Saturday, 9 July 2016

Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Enemy

Garth Ennis (writer)
Rob Steen (artist)
Avatar Press

Danny Wormwood is back, and he's brought Jimmy the Talking Rabbit and Jay (formerly known as Jesus Christ, but worse for wear these days) with him! Since averting Armageddon in his last adventure, the world hasn't improved. Danny, the reluctant Anti-Christ, still produces questionable TV shows and pines for Maggie, his lost love. It seems the best these boys can hope for is a quiet drink at their favourite pub. However, the evil Pope Jacko will not let Wormwood rest after his last sound defeat! To dispatch the Anti-Christ once and for all, Jacko calls upon his deadliest Holy Assassin, Brother One the Killer Eunuch! More blasphemy, action, and razor-sharp dialogue by Garth Ennis, creator of PREACHER. 

I really liked the first volume of this series.  It was a giggle seeing the Antichrist and his mate Jay go traipsing around heaven and hell before buggering up the devil and god in one easy motion.

This new, short, book tells of the immediate aftermath of these actions.  Pope Jacko is gravely ill and taking full body blood transfusions from choir boys sends a eunuch assassin after Jay in order to have him miracle him well again.  Neither Jay nor Wormwood are keen on this idea and so hilarity ensues.

Except, it doesn't.

The book never really raised itself to be as good as it could've been and instead it all felt a little flat and formulaic.  Good but not really up to Ennis' optimum standard.

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